The Development of a Developer

Java programing code on dark background I had this idea one day that I wanted to become a software developer, but where to start?

I Googled and researched on how I should do this properly to reach my goal.  School? Sure, let’s do it.  I went to University of Phoenix for four years, earned my Bachelor’s and I was ready! Right? Wrong…

During the time I was in school, I worked full time in an unrelated field, although I was lucky enough to be exposed to JavaScript and XML there.  My plan was to give myself a year to find work in my new chosen field and then quit my full time job when I gained employment in development.  I didn’t realize how tough it would be. 

I have interviewed four times and all were a bust because I do not have enough experience.  I felt unprepared and lost when answering some of their questions.  I understand OOP and the thinking concepts, but get lost with the large amounts of jargon.  Many developer positions require years of experience, years that I did not have.  So here is the big question…

How do you gain experience in a field if a position in that given field requires experience?

Determined, I started planning on gaining experience in different ways like looking for gigs and joining software development and technology networking groups.  As of right now, I met some interesting people, passed my business card out to a potential lead, and registered myself to take some cloud and web design trainings.  I’m also working through some YouTube instructional videos and HowTo’s in my chosen Java IDE (NetBeans).

If I stay determined and focused, hopefully in a year’s time I will be an official software developer.


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