Hidden Talents-Not so Hidden?

Growing up, everyone has a dream of what they will do when they grow up. Did you dream of becoming a police officer? a fireman or firewoman? Did you dream of becoming the President of the United States?

I have the honor of knowing some wonderful people that have had the courage to follow their dreams! It may not have been what they dreamed of as kids, but at some point along the road, they decided to take a long road to do something they love. The problem with following your dreams is that sometimes it doesn’t pay much, other times you have to do the dirty work before you end up on top, and sometimes there are things that make it harder to get to the prize.

I admire some people in my life for following that rocky, broken down road that would lead them to success. My sister, while raising two beautiful children completed culinary school and is now working for a bakery called Taste by Spellbound.  Today I will honor her and highlight her work.

She can probably tell her story better than I can but I will try to do my best.  Starting her college career at UConn was interesting and fun.  Still, she dreamed of something more.  She took the leap of leaving UConn to pursue a culinary career, but life was not ready to take her down that path yet.  During that time she studied to become a flight attendant and had other odd jobs.  She traveled the world (which by the way, was another of her dreams)!  I admired the risk she took of traveling away from her family and flying often.

After some time, my sister started a family, got married, and often spoke of wanting to have her own bakery and going back to school to follow that dream.  After two kids, she decided to research how she would go about following her dream.  She started school which meant: long nights, early mornings, messy flour-dusted kitchens, and very eager testers waiting to try her many baking ideas (I was always one of them)!  Everyone in the family pulled together, helping take care of the kids, helping with her school projects and helping eat left over treats!

Finally, my sister finished school.  She looked for jobs with local bakeries and landed a job with an innovative and creative bakery in Avon.  They gave her a shot even though she was as an inexperienced recent grad.  There she is gaining experience, not only in baking and the craft of sugar and chocolate, but also business management, safety and health regulations, and customer service.

Even though she isn’t getting many hours yet, my sister has chosen to stay at her current position because she can see the growth and learning potential.  I know she will be forever grateful to Taste by Spellbound for giving her an opportunity to follow her dreams.  I am so proud of her and I know that her kids will grow to be fearless and strong just like her.


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