The Life and Death of Music

MusicMusic is wonderful, I love it.  I listen to music while I cook, wash the dishes, take a bath, read a book, work out….well you get the idea!  I understand the deep power that music can have on a person’s soul. It seems like not everyone is touched so deeply by music, but for some of us, it can rock us to the core.

Maybe I’m an old soul, but it seems like music doesn’t say much these days, at least not mainstream music.  There may be some quality underground and underplayed music, but the airwaves are filled with music that is devoid of quality and diversity.  Every time I turn the station there’s another song about money, sex, or drugs.  Songs say the word “bitch” freely and openly and clearly talk about sex.  My son is 9 years old and I find myself quickly switching stations in the middle of the day because I don’t want him memorizing songs that say, “until you disappeared with him to have sex…,” or, “I don’t f- with you, you little stupid ass bi—.., or, “I got a billion dollar chick with a billion dollar p—-.”

Many stations play the same songlist of top tens that are not very deep in subject matter or diverse in music all day long.  What artists do you want to hear more of on the radio?  How about Sara Bareilles?  or Dave Matthews? Common or Jill Scott? Maybe some Tori Amos or Fiona Apple?  There are so many artists in every genre that have something to say.  For me it doesn’t necessarily have to be positive.  The musical message can be anger, pain, love, revolution, but music should have a conscious message.

In my search for conscious musicians I stumbled upon an old website, so old that it has links to MySpace sites.  Does anyone still use MySpace? How do we get conscious, intelligent and passionate music into the mainstream?  Anyway, I’m going to include the link to the site here but I’d love for you guys to enlighten me with names and links of places where I can find some good music. Conscious Artists


Desperately Seeking Music


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