A Letter to my Love…Eleven Years

Eleven years may not be such a long time, but when you can put it in context of events, it can be a lifetime.  On the 10th of this month you and I will be celebrating our 11th year anniversary.  This is 11 years of being together and even though we haven’t reached the big anniversaries like the 25th or 50th, I see our years together in nieces and nephews…pets…buying a house…learning to drive.

I love you and want to share what eleven years with you means to me.

Year 1 – We spend all our time together, rowing, talking, cuddling and meeting each other’s families. My grandma talks to you in Spanish all the time even though you don’t understand her!

Year 2 – You teach me how to drive. My best friend becomes this little guy (your nephew) and we play and sit next to each other at restaurants.  He shares his drawings with me.

Year 3 – Your niece has a baby and asks me to be her God Mother.  I instantly fall in love with that beautiful little baby.  We decide we would like a baby of our own and start thinking of buying a house.  My aunts love you and our families become one.

Year 4 – My sister has a baby boy and we take him everywhere with us.  You and I are closer than ever and spend time doing what we love best, hanging out with family.

Year 5 – We adopt a little boy.  He completes our little family.

Year 6 – You and I buy a house.  We have cars, a son, and our family grows a little more every year.

Year 7 – More little ones are added to our family, both my sisters have babies and one of our nieces as well.  This year I think we gained four new babies in total.

Year 8 – 11 – The last four years have been spent with the family and all our many kids, but one thing I can say is clear..Every day I look at you and I think of every year that has passed, every baby we have watched get older together, every tooth pulled, and knee scrape bandaged, every pregnant chick, and every bill paid, every doctor’s visit and basketball game, and teacher’s conference…and I can say one thing…I’d do it all over again as long as I am with you. I love cooking with you, raising our son, trying new recipes, lounging on the couch with you , sitting in front of the screen designing something or going through pictures of these eleven years. I love you.  Happy eleventh…


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