Wild Bull Curry – Wrestling

If you are or were a wrestling fan, then you may be able to relate to my childhood.

indexI remember sitting in front of the t.v. with my two sisters and little brother, eyes mesmerized by the big burly men smacking each other in the chest and slamming their opponents onto tables.  I would put my siblings in submission holds and watch as they squirmed and struggled to get out!  (I’m the oldest, which is why I was stronger at the time…)

We loved wrestling!

I have the pleasure of knowing a true athlete, a wrestler from way back in the day.  His wrestling name is Flying Fred Curry.  He and his father were wrestlers.  While Fred’s father was a rule-breaking, wild man (hence the wrestling name “Wild Bull Curry”, Fred was a high flying, scissor kick kind of guy, hence the name Flying Fred Curry.  You can look up tons of information about the pair and their wrestling careers, but today I wanted to focus on Fred, the person.  I can tell by talking to Fred that he wants to let people know what kind of great man his father was.

For years Fred told me he was writing a book about his father.  He was determined and passionate and you can really tell when you read the book.  It’s great to see such respect and awe in Fred’s eyes when he thinks of his dad, who, from what I can see on the internet, was a wrestling bad guy.  To Flying Fred, the Bull was a strong, professional and dedicated wrestler.  I recently finished up a website where Flying Fred will be selling some Curry wrestling items and sharing photos and other information.  Today, I’m sharing the link to his sight and also the link to a story someone wrote about a run in with the Bull!  I hope you wrestling fans enjoy!

The Walking Riot – The Official Wild Bull Website

I Should’ve Called In Sick – Article About a Wild Bull run in!



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